Bring RTF to your City!

So you want to Run Your Own Flex? Bring Run The Flex to your city! If you are not located in Toronto and are interested in joining the Run The Flex program, we can tailor a session just for you and your community.


Run The Flex out-of-city session video in Ajax, Ontario.


Session Requirements

  • The sessions can run for either a 4 or 6-week period.

  • We require a minimum of 12 participants.

  • Registration and payment in full must be completed 10 days before the first day of the session.


"Thank you again @aaronxaquino and @nicolerosove for being such wonderful dance teachers and great people - many of the ladies were a little nervous signing up for this 4 week dance session but the @runtheflex program showed us that you don’t need experience or natural skill in order to learn and enjoy dance, you just need to try your best and have fun. Thank you to ladies for going out of your comfort zone in order to push yourself and learn something new, and hopefully have some fun in the meantime!!" 

- Suelynn Sylvester, Run The Flex Durham Region Edition

Interested in bringing an RTF session to your city?